Fyre's Live2D Commissions

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Thank you for passing by!

Terms of Service


  1. By commissioning me, you agree to these terms.

  2. Be sure to provide credit towards me somewhere in your bios (about me, profile, panels, etc) when using a model I've drawn or rigged for you.

  3. Do not reproduce/redistribute models I've worked on without permission.

  4. Do not claim my work as your own.

  5. I reserve the right to showcase the work and share it as a future sample.

  6. I reserve the right to modify a given PSD to make the model art suitable for rigging.

  7. I reserve the right to decline or cancel a commission if I decide that I can't fulfill it to the best of my ability.

  8. Major edits or revisions are limited to up to 3 times - more may require a fee.

  9. You may suggest adjustments or corrections for a week after the final model is delivered. Any mistakes with the rigging will be fixed for free. Further adjustments after the first week will not be prioritized, and may come with an extra fee.

  10. I may decide to livestream rigging your model on Twitch - please let me know if you'd prefer to keep your project private until debut.

  11. Project files are not provided to protect the integrity of my work.

Payment & Pricing

  • Prices are subjected to change throughout the year, but accepted commissions will not be affected by any price changes that may occur.

  • Paypal is the only method of accepting payment. (USD)

  • I will send you a Paypal invoice after we've confirmed the commission's final price.

  • Once payment is received, I'll begin working on your rig.

Parts of TOS are referenced from Faf with permission (THANK YOU!!! ♡)

Rigging Pricing

Prices will vary depending on the PSD, how well cut it is, the art style, how detailed the art is, and many other factors. The prices listed below are starting prices - this means the price can go up depending on how many extras are needed.

Scuffed/Chibi Model

150-300 USD

  • Head Angle Z & Body Angle Z

  • Breathing

  • Simple blinking

  • Simple brow forms (up/down)

  • Simple mouth forms (sad/neutral/happy)

  • Simple physics

Simple Model

400-600 USD

Includes all the above and:

  • Head Angle XY

  • Eyes (blink & smile)

  • Brows (form/angle/Y)

  • Regular physics (bust-up physics for non-chibi models)

  • 2 free expressions total (static/sticker)

Waist Up Model

600-800 USD

Includes all the above and:

  • Body Angle XY

  • Arm movement

  • Eyes (wide)

  • Vowel mouth forms

  • 3 free expressions total (static/sticker)

Full Body Model

1000-1200 USD

Includes all the above and:

  • Leg XYZ & movement

  • 4 free expressions total (static/sticker)


These are extra features that may increase the quoted price, considering the extra work involved to rig them:

  • Animal ears/tails

  • Horns/wings

  • Extra accessories

  • Chest physics

  • Eye physics

  • Detailed eyes

  • Extra expressions

  • Animations

  • VBridger mouth rigging

  • Etc

The following can only be tracked with an Apple product with FaceID, otherwise they will be expression toggles.

  • Tongue in/out

  • Cheek puff

  • MouthX

Rush orders can be accepted depending on my schedule.


Art: Fyre
Rigging: Fyre

Thigh-up art and rigging done by me!

Art: Comfy
Rigging: Fyre

Art: Fyre
Rigging: Fyre

I speedran the art/rig for this model in 6 hours!



Twitter DMs are my favored initial method of communication, but you can use the form below to contact me too! After briefly talking, I'd prefer moving the conversation to Discord afterwards.

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